Ed Leeming is reborn as a dead ringer of the man he hates in Knife Edge. Jack Madigan/Ernie Mason is a multi-racial split personality in Bodyswitch, David Callinan's latest creation is Mike Delaney – ex US government assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and ex monk in The Immortality Plot (where you will also find Lucius Gynt, a transvestite contract serial killer).
The Vanishing is a YA fantasy trilogy that blends leading edge science with magic and metaphysics that hurls 15-year old Morgan Lane, his sidekick Lin Rainbow and their pet orangutan Winston on a cosmic dystopian adventure. David Callinan has also created The Weather Kids series for 7-10 year olds.
David Callinan founded the legendary Irish folk band The Spalpeens; played Celtic swamp music with Urban Clearway and co-wrote a Celtic rock opera Pucka-Ri for the Edinburgh festival starring Pierce Brosnan. His songs have won awards and an earlier, spacey album Freedom's Lament, has become a sought after 'folk-psych' rarity.

The Immortality Plot

Mike Delaney unravels The Renaissance Project

One False Move

Wheelchair-bound man faces electrifying death

An Angel On My Shoulder

One man, one angel, one prophecy, one quest


You think your body belongs to you? Think again.

Knife Edge

They craved beauty, riches and immortality

The Weather Kids

Six children have superpowers over the weather

The Vanishing

Book one of The Creation Game trilogy

Welcome to DavidCallinan.com

The official website of award winning novelist, screenwriter and musician, David Callinan.


Here you will find links to his recent thrillers, Knife Edge,  An Angel On My Shoulder and Bodyswitch

Read praise from peer group writers reviews for his latest thriller The Immortality Plot featuring Irish-American Mike Delaney, ex US government assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and ex esoteric monk.


For fans of  fantasy with a difference click the link to the first book in a YA magical/scientific trilogy The Vanishing.

For children 7-10 David Callinan has written a new series, The Weather Kids. Six children have amazing powers over the weather.


David Callinan is reissuing The 10-Minute Miracle – the bestselling fast track guide to health, wealth and happiness first published by HarperCollins.


All David Callinan's books are available on Amazon as ebooks. Coming soon: Apple iBook, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Stanza, Kobo, Aldiko and Smashwords.

NEW: Some books have now been produced as print versions.


As a musician he formed several folk-rock bands and co-wrote a Celtic rock opera for the Edinburgh Festival. You can download recent song tracks and material recorded in the 60s.


David Callinan co-wrote this Celtic rock opera for the Edinburgh Festival. SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT THE NAKED PIERCE BROSNAN. Answer is somewhere on this site

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